folk hive mailbag :: conner youngblood

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature where we hip you to artists seeking play via email.

Personal sidenote: I used to date this dude that thought it was funny to make light of Tori Amos’ rape (seriously) in front of myself and a super feminist Tori-loving pal of mine.  I’m telling you this so I can round it around and tell you what I told him: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE, DUDES.  Do not send me those new punks jams you’re cranking out in Australia.  Say what you will about that country, I hate punk.  And if you’re gonna tell me your sound resembles “The Beetles”, the least you can do is spell it right.  And George Harrison’s name was not ‘Greg’, you cuss.

Conner Youngblood does not make punk jams in Australia.  In fact, I’ve no idea how to sum up what Mr. Youngblood is laying down but that’s not necessary.  Jam on it.

Conner Youngblood :: Monsters [MP3]

Conner Youngblood :: Your Favorite Weapon [MP3]

1 comment
  1. pantylines&jellybeans said:

    If I was present when aforementioned emailer referred to “The Beetles” I would most definitely use my good beer to douse this douchebag in shame.

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