a (not so) tiny mix :: laptops of yesteryear…

In high school there were journals — there are organized on my dresser, gathering dust, giving testament to the person that I was in my yesteryear, full of heartbreak and love for The Beatles.  In my “I Quit College And Now I Work At A Bar” years, I kept journals too.  They are hidden, for they are fucked and scouring through those pages might send me into an ignorant spiral.  Whoa, shit just got deep there…

Anyway, mix.  I have omitted Ryan Adams, Iron & Wine, and things like Chris deBurgh, Chris Isaak, and Michael Bolton.  Though that has it’s place, it’s certainly not here on a forward-thinking music lover’s blog.  I’d like to keep any street cred I have, thanks so much.

Without further ado, A (Not So) Tiny Mix of Things That Made Me Smile A Bit When I Discovered Them On An Old, Nearly Dead Laptop From 2005.


Taken By Trees :: Open Field [MP3]

When I was younger, in the days of grade school field trips, I was the geek that loved going to the symphony.  To wit, Taken By Trees.

BUY Open Field :: MYSPACE


Thunderclap Newman :: Something In The Air [MP3]

What’s rad is that I don’t just have a singular MP3 from Thunderclap Newman.  I have a WHOLE album.

BUY Hollywood Dream :: WEBSITE


Wilco :: Jesus, ETC. (w. Andrew Bird) [MP3]

My love of Wilco at the time stemmed more from this jam with Andrew Bird then it did from anything Wilco was doing.  Then I saw them live.  GAME OVER.

BUY Yankee Hotel Foxtrot :: WEBSITE


Rufus Wainwright :: Oh, What A World [MP3]

Listening to Wainwright makes me feel like a gloriously fabulous gay man, living in an old hotel in NYC, decorated by Sofia Coppola.  If I were that man, I would read the New Yorker.



Ralph Stanley & Dwight Yoakam :: Miner’s Prayer [MP3]

Apologies for the massive amount of Yoakam ’round here lately.  But dude, seriously.  Fiddles and banjos and Yoakam’s voice is like my childhood and pure melted gold, all in one.

BUY Miner’s Prayer


Neko Case :: Star Witness [MP3]

This is one of the few songs that traveled with me from that laptop to this.  It is also part of the reason I have a penchant for occasionally turning my hair bright red.

BUY Fox Confessor Brings The Flood :: WEBSITE


Joe Purdy :: San Jose [MP3]

My collection of Joe Purdy rivals my LaMontagne and Adams collection.  I still cannot believe that the world is not listening to more Purdy.  Remedy that, people.  The man self-releases everything he does (and he does a lot) and it’s ALL good and delicious.

BUY Take My Blanket and Go :: WEBSITE


Jenny Owen Youngs :: Fuck Was I [MP3]

Went through a breakup.  Hated my ex.  Jenny Owen Youngs saved me with this jam.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who, in retrospect, realizes what an idiot I can be.

BUY Batten the Hatches :: MYSPACE


Gogol Bordello :: Through the Roof ‘n Underground [MP3]

Gypsies.  Wristcutters.  TOM WAITS.

BUY Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony :: MYSPACE


Cat Power :: Good Woman [MP3]

This is the heaviest fucking song in this mix.  It will whip your ass.

BUY You Are Free :: MYSPACE


Brightblack Morning Light :: Everybody Daylight [MP3]

Acid.  LSD.  Peyote?

BUY Brightblack Morning Light :: MYSPACE


Bob Schneider :: Fuck It (Demo) [MP3]

Banjo + Fuck = LOVE.

BUY something from Schneider :: MYSPACE


The Archibalds :: Sinking Ships [MP3]

How in the hell did The Archibalds not get big?  I remember loving this band and it was worth it to wait 2 hours and through approximately 17 computer crashes to remember The Archibalds.

BUY O Camellia :: WEBSITE


Friends, be thankful I spared you 32 live versions of ‘Come Pick Me Up’.  And pray that the writer’s block that has wrenched itself around my brain dies an evil, horrible death.  When it does, we will all bury it together in the backyard.  I’ll build a fire and there will be s’mores.  You’ll all get CDRs of custom mixes if you bring good beer to the party…

1 comment
  1. Carl said:

    Nice mix. I’ve a few, have heard a few and didn’t know about the rest. I agree on the support the artist thing.

    MT C

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