drew grow & the pastors’ wives :: friendly fire

While GAYNGS are certainly the most mighty collective making Fuck Jams this year and while simply listening to said band might impregnate you (male or female, oddly enough), I’ll admit to a fondness for FJ’s off a slightly different kind.  There are the kind similar to a Springsteen tune (if you don’t hear “I’m On Fire” and want to fondle your neighbor, we cannot be friends).  There are the kind like Drew Grow is making with his Pastors’ Wives.

You’ve seen High Fidelity, right?  Dude, right?!  I bet that if our beloved main character Rob were putting together a mix of tunes to be later put to use in seducing the ladies he would 1. agree with my Springsteen assessment, and 2. add Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives to that mix.

This is music about the heart and the struggle to just be.  This is music that is heavy and not to be taken lightly.  (Note: At this point I want to write “Just like fucking.” but my mother will read that and be disappointed in me.)  Ahem.

From start to finish, this is a seriously solid album.  I mean, “I need a friendly face singing in my choir”?  Join the club, dude.  But you know what, thanks for saying it anyway.  Really.

Check the vid below (from the Doe Bay Sessions) and after that head out and snag the self-titled debut.  And get the vinyl.  10 points to the first person who writes me to let me know how sweet it is…

BUY Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives Self-Titled

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