piggybacking :: peter wolf crier, tennis, etc.

Piggybacking is a feature here at the Folk Hive where we do the leg work for you and highlight the best, most interesting, insanely rad posts from music blogs out in the wilderness known as the internets.  You’re welcome.


First and foremost, kids, please hit up the DAYTROTTER session with Peter Wolf Crier that went live today.  That version of “Down, Down, Down” is the most sweetly reverb-ed piece of music I’ve heard in literally, A MILLION YEARS.


Collections of Colonies of Bees is heading to Hometapes!  Shirts and kisses and new albums abound!


Speaking of COCOB, Muzzle of Bees alerted the world this AM to a pretty rad video of Volcano Choir performing in Japan.  For some reason, I really enjoy watching Rosenau jam the fuck out…


Pitchfork previews a new track from the upcoming Tennis album, Cape Dory.


And last but certainly not least, watch two of our favorite men jam.  Like, really jam.  Also, Jack White’s facial hair FTW.


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