stream springsteen’s ‘the promise’…

There is certainly no sense in going on about my love for Mr. Bruce Springsteen…but I fucking love Bruce Springsteen, ya’ll.  I love every live show I’ve ever seen and while each and every one holds a special place in my heart, the Springsteen show blew all the rest out of the water.  Actually, that’s a stupid thing to say about it.  It didn’t blow them out of the water — that show was like Moby Dick and the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea crew dueled in a massive showdown on the high waves and then BRUUUUUUUUUUUUCE! himself showed up and torpedoed the fucking ship and slain Moby himself.  And because he’s fucking Bruce he kept the whale and fed it to starving citizens of some far-off frozen tundra, saving the lives of hundreds of babies while serenading their mothers with “I’m on Fire” and making their daddies feel appreciated as working men with “Born in the USA”.  Except he changed up the words, because he’s good like that, and the song was called “Born in the Frozen Fucking Tundra”.

All this to say, I’m beyond stoked about the upcoming Lost Sessions.  And until 16 November NPR is streaming select tracks (this alone is reason to continue to support NPR, America).

LISTEN HERE.  Do not fuck around, just go do it.

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