magic man :: real life color (or ‘finding something upbeat in songs perfect for fall, despite said songs being meant for said season, which is typically slightly depressing, at the very least’)

There’s Charlie Brown on the television.  There was frost on the car this morning.  There was frost on the windows again, when we arrived at the elementary, just a mile from our home.  The garden, that lingered and kept on despite the onslaught of natural predators and our lackadaisical interest there towards the end, has finally met its match in the form of the disappearing sun and frigidity of the air.  Fall is here.  Winter is approaching.

This year we’ve made a pact between the two of us in the house to attempt to enjoy the winter.  To embrace the chill, to find beauty in the stark white that will soon envelop our land and forbid us to leave the homestead.  It is a lofty goal, no doubt.  It is one that seems unreachable to those of us that thrive on the sun and the rivers, those of us that appreciate the hell out of roadside wildflowers and dancing on the wooden floor drenched in heat that has crept through the thin white curtains hung in the windows.

Despite being incredibly upbeat, Real Life Color seems a perfect fit for what once might have been perceived as death by climate but is now slightly hopeful.  Aside from the fact that it’s been somewhat of a small lifeline in these first few days of real cold this is just a really good record.  A really good record.  ‘South Dakota‘ seemed the standout at first listen but after subsequent sessions, ‘Daughters‘ is just as solid.  ‘Layers‘ (perhaps the most appropriately named tune in the history of tunes) just made it into our personal end of year list and ‘Monster‘ (at first listen) sounds like I imagine falling in love to.  That’s no shit right there.  Honestly, I feel like I’d be doing you, dear reader, a disservice if I didn’t offer up the entire goddamn record.  But I’ll leave that up to you.  Click here.  Treat your ears.  They’ll appreciate it.  They’re chilly.

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