riding the back of a hog :: franz nicolay, jay sparrow, etc.

Riding the Back of a Hog (better known as “piggybacking”) is a feature here at the Folk Hive where we do the leg work for you and highlight the best, most interesting, insanely rad posts from music blogs out in the wilderness known as the internets.  You’re welcome.


Muzzle of Bees has two new tracks from Franz Nicolay (of the Hold Steady) and a cut from the 4 track EP that Mumford & Sons (under The Wedding Band banner) is making available at their upcoming concert stops.  That Nicolay track, “This Is Not A Pipe” is the shit, FYI.


Aquarium Drunkard gives us 3 tracks of Antony and the Johnsons covering Dylan (Bob, that is).


Hero Hill points our attention towards a couple sweet tunes from Jay Sparrow.  If you’re a fan of John Fogerty’s voice, get on it.


You Ain’t No Picasso does us a solid and offers up a taste from the soon-to-be-released Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers comp in the form of Deerhoof covering Kasai Allstars.  Make note now: MEGAFAUN is on this comp as well and will most likely put whatever Deerhoof is covering to shame.  Sorry, Deerhoof.  We speak the truth here.


I Guess I’m Floating alerts us to a new track from Levek, “Look On The Bright Side”.  Gayngs fans, take note.  While Gayngs can induce insta-boner, Levek can at least be the wine for your evening.


Culture Bully is kind enough to offer up a pretty righteous bit of Junip, in the form of “Always”.  Why the fuck does this remind me of ELO?  Awesome.


Enjoy, children.  And happy “It’s Almost Fucking Friday, Thank You Any/All Omnipresent Beings” day.

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