peter wolf crier :: maybe zanzibar?

I suppose by titling the blog “Folk Hive” I might have left out the option to speak of my serious love affair with that glorious thing known as ROCK but we can always amend when we realize we’ve drawn ourselves into a box, right?  Right.  My current and massive obsession with all things Black Keys should assure all readers that I love more than just the combination of a banjo and mandolin and fiddle.

And if THAT doesn’t do it, then my love of Peter Wolf Crier should have my ass covered.  I was previously aware of one Mr Brian Moen via his most badass interactions with Justin Vernon and the small (and one-off?) band they’re both part of: The Shouting Matches.  Typically, one is not drawn to the drummer — his typical X on the seating chart is at the back of the stage and gone are the days of John Bonham 7-minute (and life-altering, quite frankly) drum solos so drummers are typically unseen.  Even more than that, drummers sitting behind the man behind Bon Iver would typically be hard to so much as glance at.  BUT.  Moen has crushed the mold of the oft-overlooked drummer, in my humble opinion, and when I saw that he was associated with Peter Wolf Crier (indeed, he is one full half of the band, a formula that seems to work for him), I was pretty confident the band would get some serious rotation on all upcoming playlists.  And for the record, Peter Pisano ain’t no slub, either.

In fact, if the band’s album released in March doesn’t make at least 800 Best Of Lists at the end of the quarter, I’m leaving America.

There’s something that can be said for a gritty (and yet somehow very polished in that grittiness) band that can make us sit up and pay real fucking attention.  They are more than a fleeting MP3 on the Jagjaguwar website and here’s to hoping they are more than a one album band.

While songs like “Crutch and Cane”, a pretty and sweet ditty that romps through quite the folkish drum pattern and hazy vocals that seem to be so damn popular all over hypem, should be pretty accessible to even those all over hypem, the rest of the record certainly doesn’t lack songs that seem to be a mix of a slightly more mellow Jack White (“Hard as Nails”) and Dan Auerbach while just being himself (see “Down, Down, Down”, video below).  That’s a HUGE compliment, by the way.  The album is varied and fun and more than interesting enough to keep you from deleting it from your music player to make room for the next top twenty that you find on Pitchfork (oh, SNAP!).

Check out the sweet and really fucking genuine video (debuted via Stereogum this morn) for “Down, Down, Down” below.  And I seriously urge you to check out whatever you can that’ll give you a feel for this band live (like the conveniently linked Daytrotter session right down there).  They’re right up there at the top of my Must See This Shit Live Like, TOMORROW list.


Peter Wolf Crier :: Hard As Nails [MP3]

Peter Wolf Crier :: Daytrotter Session


BUY Inter-Be via Jag.

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