jude’s playlist :: 17 Oct 2010

As mentioned previously, here at our house, the weekends are typically reserved for playing with Legos at a leisurely pace fitting of an off day, walking about the street, Wii duels, and whatever the fuck one else might want to do.  I choose to spend a large chunk of that time following links here and there, perusing aggregators, and digging out old records to stare at.  So…music.

All the while I’m doing this, my tiny little prodigy chimes in with his thoughts.  He recommends things for the playlist.  And sometimes he totally gets the feel of the weekend and knocks out a sweet one.  And when that happens it gets saved and I flip up the volume and we let it run, over and over.  All day long.  Really loud background noise.

So, Jude made the playlist this morning.  Currently I’m googling Virgil Thrasher and cleaning at a snail’s pace while the kid is currently blowing fart strawberries onto his own knees in the bathtub (“I don’t know what I’m gonna call this game yet.”) and I just noticed that these same few songs have been on repeat today.  The massive amount of banjo?  Yeah, we just went to the music store and picked out the banjo that Jude is asking Santa for.  No big deal, just the most awesome thing ever.  Anyway, you want in on Jude’s list (I could tell you did) so here it is*.  It’s linked quickly and in a non-music blogger fashion because…it’s fucking Sunday, I guess.  And because on Sunday one does whatever one wants to.

Breathe Owl Breathe :: Toboggan

Breathe Owl Breathe :: Own Stunts

Breathe Owl Breathe :: Across the Loch

Akron/Family :: River

Andrew Bird :: Sythian Empires

Arcade Fire :: We Used to Wait

Megafaun :: Bonnie’s Song

Yes, seriously, there are 3 Breathe Owl Breathe songs.  Shutup about it.  We’ll be seeing them next month.  It will be The Jude’s first live concert/show and we’re both equally stoked.  Also, banjo.

*It’s probably worth noting that unfortunately, Jude is only allowed to choose songs that I already have on this here computer.  I love him lots but I’m not gonna go download the Scooby Doo and Indiana Jones’ soundtracks.

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