troika music festival

(Inaugural post, bitchez.)

Having just returned from an incredibly long (and slightly idiotic, according to friends, bosses, and family) trip to North Carolina to assault my eustachians with some homegrown slow-jams courtesy of Gayngs, I’m sort of reveling in the amazingness that is the NC Triangle music scene.  Initially, the trip I made was justified by the fact that I’d be seeing most (if not all) of the members of four different bands that are constantly in rotation on the playlist around here: Megafaun, Solid Gold, Bon Iver, and The Rosebuds.  It was akin to the Springsteen concert on my roster —  I spent hundreds of dollars I certainly wasn’t making at the time working at a local dive bar on tickets and we headed out on the road to see BRUUUUUUUUCE!, Uncle Syl, and Max, Conan’s drummer.  It was an expensive, life-altering experience for someone used to the mass-produced dance tunes that were frequently shoved down my throat while working at the bar.

This trip was akin.  After a 20 hour non-stop drive, began after many sleepless anxiety-attack fueled nights, we arrived at our destination.  When one is from the backwoods of Missouri, where bands like Sugarland are worshipped and Journey is loved non-ironically, Durham, North Carolina, is nothing short of a fucking culture shock.  Four lane roads!  Enlightened folks!  German food!  Ahhh, indie music.  LIFE.

Being one who is want to research the fuck out of whatever it is I’m digging on/doing, I was knowledgable about what was happening in Raleigh and the surrounding area.  I was drawn to the brilliance of Megafaun’s modern avant-gardish style of bluegrass and folk long ago and the jams being put out by Solid Gold had had me rocking for quite some time.  The addition of The Rosebuds to the playlist in the house happened before the addition of Bon Iver but both provided massive inspiration back when I was sewing bags and running Homegrown {and the Bug}.

I digress.  I’ll not wax on about Gayngs here — they’ve been hyped to death (and rightfully so) elsewhere and there’s no need for me to add to that pile.  But I should send them a nice little thank you note for hipping me to what will most definetly be a frequent destination for shows.

Case in point concerning the budding music scene in Durham/Raleigh: The Troika Festival, going down since 2002.  Featuring the likes of personal faves Birds & Arrows, Old Bricks, Mandolin Orange, Birds of Avalon, and Phil Cook and his Feat, I’m jonesing to make another ridiculously long journey to sit front row center for what’s happening 4-6 November in Durham.

In honor of Troika, have a listen at some of the talent lined up and have a gander at the full lineup here.

Phil Cook and His Feat :: Full Steam

(As a fan-fucking-tastic sidenote, Mr. Cook’s entire album is available for free here at Bandcamp.)

Birds & Arrows :: Starmaker

Mandolin Orange :: Live at Festival for the Eno, 3 July 2010

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